“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” – He’s In Love!

We still don’t get a preview or at least one that we can post without it being taken down. *sigh* But we DID get a confession! *squeals* And we got a funny BTS look at some NG’s with almost all of our cast. Enjoy!

English Subs

Bo Young: Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Hyung Sik: Are you all right?
Director: Act being happy as you’re eating.
Director: You’re feeling happy as you eat. There ya go.
Hye Jin (Bo Young’s Mom): It’s okay. No man is without fault these days.
Bo Young: I’m sorry, I won’t look next time!
Ji Soo: Do as I say. I’m off.
Bo Young: Are you okay? Are you all right?
(His beautiful smile shines bright like the sun)
Bo Young: Why aren’t you doing your line?
Director: He doesn’t have a line.
Bo Young: No, he needs to do this…for me to do my line.
Hyung Sik: I don’t have a line!
Director: He doesn’t have a line.
Hyung Sik: Get closer to me so I can do the line.
Bo Young: It shouldn’t be like that!
Bo Young: Do you think I would have agreed to stay here if I…
Bo Young: How does it go again?
Hyung Sik: What are you saying?
Director: Let’s go again.
Bo Young: I can see you!
Unknown: What was that?
(Please wrap it up, Mr Director)
(It’s COLD)
Director: Okay, good!
Bo Young & Hyung Sik: Yea!


Credit: JTBC Drama


  • sheesh says:

    maybe i’m dense… did MH confess or was he hiding it as a rhetorical situation? i’ve seen some online comments indicating he just outed GD liking BS.

  • Juliesean says:

    Actually he did both. He said to go from friends to lovers one has to step closer, which he did.

    I adore this drama so much it’s not even funny.

    • tessieroo says:

      Yep, he did both – he told her that “her friend” liked her but then he also said one has to step closer…which he did. *squeals* I almost fainted when he did that. LOL!

  • CID says:

    There may be no previews but in IG can be found one still for next week episode based on DBS clothes. Cant wait until next week, this show is so good.

  • Rocat says:

    Interesting views. But I think it is not a confession if the girl is in doubt. I think he is simply signaling interest while sounding her out on the state of her heart.

    I mean, no confession is a confession without the 3 little words or words to that effect.

    C’mon show, we’ve waited long enough!

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