Renaissance Man Sung Joon For April 2017 Vogue

Sung Joon shows us some of his modeling days poses in the April edition of Vogue and says he LOVES clothes. Umm, we think they should have given him some that fit correctly? Check it out!

Source  |  Vogue


  • Teleri says:

    WHY, Vogue? Just WHY? The worst of zoot suits, & everything 5 sizes too big ~sigh~ takes a gorgeous hunk like Sung Joon to look make them look even half-way decent!

  • Beez says:

    @Teleri – 5 sizes? More like 10! WTH?

    Are we supposed to “ooo” and “ahhh” and exclaim over how creative this designer is? NOT!

    “Hmmm. I have designer’s block. What can I come up with that will look crazy enough that no one will question my concept or skill? Oh, look! My cousin that just lost over 400 pounds was over here showing me his old jeans. Eureka!”

  • Beez says:

    I just can’t let this go. We’ve all seen the weird fashion spreads and know that they’re just conceptual. Not meant to necessarily be worn “on the street”.

    But can anyone tell me – can the actor refuse? Obviously he can, but I mean – refuse without tarnishing his career or jeopardizing not being called upon next time?

  • fangirl98 says:

    I wish I could un-see it. What’s worse, I’m sure these “clothes” are wildly expensive. Such a waste of a gorgeous man. (His voice makes me melt…. Seriously, I could listen to him reading the back of a cereal box! LOL) *yes, I’m having a shameless fangirl moment*

  • nahaluk says:

    Buahahaha, the clothes are very mmmmmmmmm, clowny?!
    Where exactly is Sung John?
    What is the purpose of the photoshoot, though?

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