So Ji Sub Covers Marie Claire Taiwan For April 2017

So Ji Sub can be found on the cover of April’s Marie Claire Taiwan, check it out!

Source  |  Marie Claire Taiwan



  • Ocelot says:

    So Ji Sun looks amazing in suits and streetwear, so I’d like to know which recent graduate of the Ray Charles School of Styling put my dream guy in these satorially challenged rags? Even the LV shirt looks like tat…

  • Jensredshoes says:

    I was actually thinking that this is pretty tame for him. Haven’t you seen what frightening things he’s worn in the past? Lol. I think those beautiful spreads where someone got him into gorgeous suits are more of a rarity. SMH at him all the time. 😙

  • Sharon Burns says:

    Absolutely one handsome man in whatever he wears!!

  • Pinksakura says:

    Hmmmm…….yummy as always.

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