“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” – Episode 13 Preview And Kiss BTS

Ahhhh, that kiss! It was perfect. But I have a feeling our OTP are going to have a fight and break up. *sigh* It’s time to find out if Bong Soon is going to lose her powers. Enjoy!

Credit: JTBC Drama


  • AlekaOnu says:

    gomawo dear @Tessieroo for the BTS kiss video. I love it!

  • sheesh says:

    For the first time i’m not counting the days til the next episode. the story quality has consistently declined. i had such high hopes for this show. 🙁

  • Maria says:

    The writing and editing are the show’s weakest points. For example
    * the often problematic humor
    * scenes that are unnecesscarily long (weird monk in monastery)
    * too much focus on side characters that are far removed from the main plot (thugs in hospital or injured, deviant high schoolers)
    * characters reacting to events in less-than-realistic fashion (no trauma, no reaction to domestic violence, no police protection for Kyung Shim etc.).

    The drama is saved by the acting and the OTP (even if I was disappointed that it was once again Min-Hyuk who took the next step, would have been refreshing if that had been Bong-Soon initiative) – but it is no longer the one show I immediately need to watch the moment it comes out. Actually, I have to force myself to overlook the weak points and I fast forward some scenes… not a good sign.

  • Jazzelm says:

    Actually waiting for this to end so man to man can Start! The show started our great but now has become very disappointing

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