Jung So Min Gets Personal In The New Edition of Esquire

Jung So Min speaks about her newest role in the KBS2 weekend drama, “My Father Is Strange” in the April edition of Esquire. She also spoke about the gender-switching role she has in the upcoming movie “Daddy You, Daughter Me” and how it’s strange that she has 2 projects coming out about the role men play in their daughters lives. We think she looks (and sounds) amazing, check it out!

Source  |  Esquire


  • Adal says:

    Love her hair short. It suits her. I’m watching the drama Father Is Strange solely for her and Lee Joon. Can’t wait for their relationship to blossom.

  • beez says:

    “…looks and sounds”??? Am I missing something? I don’t see an audio or vid attached. Or, Tessiero, are you referring to the content of the interview “sounds” good?

    • tessieroo says:

      Yes, I’m referring to her words in the interview. 😀 I don’t understand much Korean but the words I can pick out, she sounds amazing!

  • baloi says:

    Me too. I’m watching Father Is Strange because of So Min my love and Lee Joon as well. I’m not a fan of long series but here I am, patiently waiting every Saturday and Sunday. In fairness, this family drama is worth watching IMO.

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