Daniel Henney Talks Ideal Type and Love In May Cosmo

Daniel Henney told readers that he’s much more confident the older he gets and his ideal type is someone who is funny, outgoing and able to share hobbies. He does have a proposal in mind but refused to talk about it, driving us insane. (LOL) Check it out!

Source  |  Cosmopolitan


  • beez says:

    I’m curious, is this Cosmopolitan or Korea Cosmopolitan? I’m only wondering because he is a U.S. citizen so and I’m curious if the U.S. has finally seen the light that there are cover worthy Asian hotties to feature on their magazibe covers.

  • tessieroo says:

    Nah…it’s Korean. (LOL)

    • beez says:

      Awww. Most times I have no doubt but since he’s known in both countries…

      You know, now that I’m no longer a newbie to Hallyu, it amazes me that stars that are household names (Lee Min Ho, Lee Byun Hun, Bi (Rain), Lee Joon ki, Song Joon ki) are completely unknown in the U.S. Well, I could pull up a pic of Lee Byun Hun and say – “he was in [name the big movies he was in]” … Nah, ya know, I’d still be met with blank stares. It’s so real-life lonely in U.S. Hallyu-ville. jsigh*

      • tessieroo says:

        I know – I still get blank looks when I mention Rain, Lee Byun Hun or Lee Joon Gi, I have to mention the big US movies they’ve been in and then people go “Oh Yea…I know him”. It’s VERY lonely in US Hallyu-ville!

  • Kailani says:

    Good grief – this man is literally FIRE!!! I love the Korean-mix men (i.e. – Ricky Kim, Julien Kang)

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