Park Min Young For May 2017 Esquire

Park Min Young spent some time with May Esquire discussing her upcoming drama “Queen For Seven Days” and what it feels like to have been in the entertainment industry for 11 years. She also talked about “Healer” and how much fun it was. *squeals* Check it out!

Source  |  Esquire

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  • Beez says:

    I did not recognize PMY at first! Although I don’t know why I’m surprised because I just spent 5 minutes looking at Couch Kimchi’s posts of Han Ye Seul’s photoshoot trying to find the familiar parts of her face too. And Kim Sun A’s new look for her new drama doesn’t look like “her”. And I know we all talk about surgery but this time, I don’t think that’s it. I’m starting to think that maybe because these women are so tiny to begin with, that any type of weight lost gives a seemingly drastic change to their faces. Maybe.

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