“Master Of The Mask” Poster And Teaser

“Master Of The Mask” begins tomorrow and we’re excited! Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun and L, it’s all about power. From AsianWiki:

In the 1700’s, Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-Ho) fights against Pyunsoo hwe. Pyunsoo hwe is an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. Crown Prince Lee Sun becomes a hope for people who suffer. Ga-Eun (Kim So Hyun) is the woman Crown Prince Lee Sun loves and she helps him grow as a ruler.

Credits: AsianWiki, @sakura2016, @faye406, @MiAmour at Soompi Forums


  • Buhdoop says:

    I love those black and white photos! I’m on the fence as to whether to watch this one or not. I might have to check out the first episode though.

  • cynkdf says:

    Hi Tess, thanks for writing about Ruler. I watched Ep 1 today without understanding a word since Hwang Chi Yeul is part of the OST line-up. And guess what, a bit of his OST was played at the end of today’s episode. Bliss …

    The show is interesting so far but of course I need subs in order to make sense of what I saw 🙂

  • Adal says:

    I watched both episodes today. They were so engaging, the time practically flew by. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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