“Suspicious Partner” Episode 9 Preview W/English Subs

What? The ex-girlfriend who cheated on him wants him back? Ah, HELL no. (LOL) And I LOVE the look on his face when he’s sitting across from her while she’s eating all the meals he’s fixed…HAHAHAHA! I can’t wait for next week, enjoy!

English Subs:

Yoo Jung: Ji Wook, you know we can’t just easily forget about each other.
Ji Wook: There’s nothing left between you and I.
Bad Guy: Yes, Ms. Eun. I’m sorry to tell you this.
Bad Guy: We couldn’t find anything special.
Eun Hyuk: Hey Ji Wook, I heard you’re going to quit.
Ji Wook: This is my resignation letter.
Byong Young Hee: You’re going to open a law firm, aren’t you?
Bong Hee: Honey!
Ji Wook: Why? Are you hungry?
Ji Wook: Why am I doing this? Why am I always feeding you like this?
Bong Hee: Why? Are you worried that they might think I’m your wife?


Credit: SBS Drama

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  • Teleri says:

    Ji Chang Wook has the most expressive face!!!! Love this so much 😀 as for that ex-GF, she just needs to move on (to our other hot lawyer, perhaps….)

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