Fight My Way 5 Minutes Teaser

One more night and it’s finally coming!!

I can’t contain my excitement. It feels like an eternity of waiting. Is it going to live-up to my expectations? We will soon find out!

Based on the teaser, looks like we have a lot of room to explore. Besides the obvious bickering which we will surely experience a lot of, I’m glad the characters are layered with depth too. The struggle is real in this world when we are aspiring to reach our dreams. How will our couple find their way to fulfilment?

But first, the shouting and aegyo will commence tomorrow! I won’t miss it. Make sure you don’t as well. Set the alarm on May 22 at 10 PM KST.

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  • Beez says:

    I’ll be there for my own personal bias – Kim Sung Oh! I honestly don’t see how nobody else sees the sexy in him!? Not to mention his ability to become ANY character (which has probably been his drawback. He can be so very funny that he gets looked over for romantic lead. 😭

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