“Fight For My Way” Episode 7 Preview

Will Dong Man and Ae Ra just get it on already? LOL, actually, I’m not in a hurry and like the pace so far. My interpretation of their dynamic is that Ae Ra has liked him since high school while he’s only just realizing his feelings. It’s funny how she insists that she can touch him any which way because he won’t feel a thing but he needs to be careful with how he touches her.

Something I really like about this drama is that it isn’t about a chaebol or characters who have already succeeded in their chosen fields. So we get to watch and be inspired by them working towards achieving their dreams.

But one thing I don’t like is the artificial conflict created by the thirsty intern. I can’t find a single good reason Joo Man can’t tell her that he’s not available. For starters, there doesn’t appear to be an office policy against romance but even if there was, he can still disclose his status without identifying her.

And Moo Bin, I was so ready to like him but he’s turned out to be a creepy, clingy manipulator. As for Hye Ran, the less said about her, the better.

Anyway, I can’t wait till next week! Will Dong Man finally express his feelings to Ae Ra?

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  • Stuart says:

    I said from the beginning of this Drama that it gave me an ITYS vibe, with Ae Ra a kinder, gentler Chen You Qing, and I feel this even more strongly now. i also said from the beginning that Moo Bin was a smarmy stalkerish creep, so I’m delighted the show’s made that clear to others now too. And finally, I agree 100% on the intern arc. I like the actress, and her character’s much nicer than the awful Hye Ran, which makes the whole subplot artificial as you said. The only way it makes any sense is if the plan is to set her up in the end with Moo Bin, after establishing they’re similar types

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