Fight My Way Week 2-3: Don’t Cross the Line

What is this line best friends keep on talking about? It is almost non-existent but visible only when you are in close proximity to it. Ae Ra sees it clearly, while Dong Man is in for a big sign ahead. We all have a clue where he is heading. I just hope he doesn’t get lost or sway on the other side of the road, again.

The past week showed us that crossing the line isn’t as bad as it sounds. Because most of the time, taking one step forward is all we need to start something worth the journey.

Personal Thoughts: Episodes 3 to 6

The Friendship and the Dreams:

Do you like me? Or do I like you? – Ae Ra

OMO. That question is piercing!

This two needs to figure out the answer soon. They are not going through puberty, like teens. But they are freakin’ adults! When will they realise that they are full-fledged grown ups? I need to see more progress. A few flight of stairs towards love won’t hurt!

It takes a different kind of will power to keep reminding yourself “not to fall for your best friend.” Ae Ra seems to me that she’s been repeating this mantra since that day Dong Man had thrown the shirt to the wrong girl. She’s aware of the fact that she shouldn’t be feeling more than what a friend would towards another. I adore her for always asking the right questions that leaves Dong Man with a dumbfounded look every time. Dong Man is clueless on how to answer Ae Ra directly. He is not aware of the fact that he’s acting more than just a friend. He is hanging by the borderline while Ae Ra does not want to feel confused so she sets her boundaries. Then again, he just keeps on crossing it. Heh.

Dong Man is someone who can be easily lured in like a child towards candy. He was easily convinced to go back and fight via MMA armed with the wrong reason. Or the way Hye Ran just makes that ridiculous “Oppa” sound for him to come back. I hate to say this but, hearing Oppa in Hye Ran’s context makes me vomit. And it’s also a primary reason why the Oppa word isn’t as sweet as it may mean for me. Why do men have a weak knee for it? Alpha male complex is troublesome.

Moving on.

Dong Man is taking a huge step towards his dream. The adrenaline rush of getting hurt feels good for him. Tho he lost, which is totally expected, it’s important that he had the courage to fight. The best part is, all he needs is Ae Ra. She was right there supporting him even if she was against him. It was sweet of her to come out the way he did to record her first stint as an announcer. It feels natural that they will always be together in every endeavour they face. They both struggle to reach their dreams but they still manage to encourage and push each other up. This only makes my heart root for them even more.

Dong Man and Coach-nim:

Let me give a space and throwback to my lovely Mayor Hwang in Warm and Cozy. Kim Sung Oh is still charismatic as ever. I have to admit, he is the sweetest thing in Dong Man’s life. This bromance is starting to warm up. It’s nice to know that Dong man has a coach, in and out of the octagon.

Sul Hee and Joo Man:

One of my favourites this past week was Sul Hee’s moments with her mother. It touched me so much that I cried. The love of a mother who only wants the best for her daughter resonated beautifully.

Joo Man and Sul Hee is experiencing what its like to maintain being in a committed relationship. I have read that much have been said to Joo Man and I can’t justify it more. But that aside, I like that he doesn’t lie. It is important to be honest with your partner. Of course, its inevitable that a woman will be around a man like him. But he still thinks of Sul Hee despite the temptations. He might be acting like he owes his life because Sul Hee took care of him while he had nothing. But what I see underneath that is a man who is also determined to give back. Not just because it is an obligation, but because he wants Sul Hee to feel special too. A woman isn’t a slave to serve a man. And with the character like Sul Hee, Joo Man knows how deserving she is to be served too.

Now I understand why Ahn Jae Hong took this role. He exudes a natural genuine heart on screen. There’s nothing too dramatic about the set-up. But with Jae Hong around, Joo Man and Sul Hee becomes one of the sweetest thing in this show.

Three is a crowd!

Whenever Moo Bin speaks, his words felt forced, not sweet. Or is scripted a better term coz I have heard it a thousand times before. It seems to me that he has a stereotype view on how to woo a lady. I wanted to scream at him and say “not all women are easy!”. He needs to get a grip. When Dong Man pushed Ae Ra’s chair closer to him, I rejoiced! She can finally enjoy the ramen without the unnecessary sweetness on the side. It takes more than impressing a woman with words to get her heart. Sometimes, it only takes a man to be true to himself and express his genuine love without the artificial sweeteners.

This scene is a favourite! I love the emotion that came out from Moo Bin the moment he saw Dong Man hold Ae Ra’s hand as they walk up the stairs. It’s few seconds of greatness. Of course we know the purpose why Moo Bin exists. He showed us the exact opposite of Dong Man. He’s the typical ideal guy a typical woman would want. However, Ae Ra is not your average woman. If the shoe doesn’t fit, why force it?

I would love to see Choi Woo Sik more, not Moo Bin. I can’t wait to see the closure for this Prince.

There is another type of third wheel.

As much as I don’t want to spend time creating sentences for Hye Ran, I need to. This might be the last time so I’ll make the most out of it. She’s truly someone who gets wants she wants, in her own way. It’s vicious. She knows well how to take advantage of Dong Man. Good thing, our man is resolute now. Hye Ran simply wants an eye candy for a boyfriend. She keeps on coming back with the thought of having Dong Man accept her with open arms. That’s a five years routine! No wonder Ae Ra is pissed off to the bones. How I wish to see less of her in the coming episodes. Dong Man made it clear that she is not wanted any longer. The writer must think of something to get rid of this woman, coz I also don’t have enough space for her here. This is also another chapter that needs to be closed. ASAP.

Scene Stealer:

I hate it when our thoughts and expectations forestall a scene.

When Dong Man came back, I was happily cheering for him! I love the determined look on his face as he walks back toward Ae Ra’s room. He maybe badly wounded now, just trying to heal from it (Hye Ran and his dream). But when it comes to Ae Ra, he just comes as is. That is something I didn’t expect coming at that time. It feels good to see him get jealous when Moo Bin is around. It’s not just because he feels threatened. But the fact that he might lose Ae Ra to some other guy awakens a hidden emotion that is struggling to come out. It helps him see Ae Ra differently too. I like the progress, tho it comes slowly. I am patient but if he doesn’t knock on Ae Ra’s door, this coming episode, I might feel otherwise.

I really hope to see love blooming this coming week. It’s not enough just to see Dong Man holding Ae Ra’s hand. Dude, we are almost half way done, it’s time to own her heart for good!

A bientôt ❤️


  • Beez says:

    I’m so glad to see Kim Sung Oh with some meat on his bones. I’m watching this for him but I’m enjoying the entire show as well.

  • Martin J Simwaba says:

    I don’t think i only hate Hye-ran, Moo-bin is also getting on my nerves. Atleast Hye-ran is not much big of a threat, but Moo-bin is annoying me in every little thing he does. Ahrrg!

  • I love your thoughts on this, you broke it down so wonderfully! It is really interesting how Ae-ra and Dong-man are best friends (even better best friends than Ae-ra is with Sul-hee or Dong-man is with Joo-man). I love all the relationships we have in this drama. Ae-ra and Sul-hee’s friendship is the cutest, I love it when they are together; coach-nim and Dong-man are LOVE; and Joo-man and Sul-hee are adorable. I want to see more Joo-man and Dong-man together actually, but that is a tiny issue.

    I’m looking forward to see how Hye-ran and Dong-man will play out and how Dong-man and Ae-ra with blossom. Can it be Monday already?

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