“Fight For My Way” Episode 9 Preview

The show continues to be a delight and I’m glad that there’s progress on all fronts! Unlike many others, I’m enjoying Kim Tak Su’s presence on the show because he pretty much fails at every turn and is helping to accelerate Dong Man’s journey towards being the successful fighter he’s meant to be.

Our couple continues to be cute! Where are they sneaking off to? Hye Ran is still a pain but let’s hope her rivalry with Ae Ra helps push our girl towards achieving her goal.

Credit: Uploader, KBS

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  • V says:

    I love Kim-Tak-su’s presence too! It all ties into the throwback style that this drama is going with. You know the 80’s movies like Karate Kid or Rocky or something like that where you have to defeat your fo and it feels like an insurmountable task? I feel like that is what they are going for. Dong-man is like The Karate Kid with his signature move (The Karate Kid had that flying kick), and he has his Mr. Miyagi in the form of Coach-nim. His rival is Tak-su, kind of like The Karate Kids rival was Cobra Kai.

    This show is just so throwback (in an updated way). I love it!

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