Bong Hee and Ji Wook Get It On In “Suspicious Partner” Episode 28

Is it me or are these scenes getting hotter? I’m not talking about this drama in particular but just in general. Or is it just because these two seem to be so comfortable with each other off screen? Whatever it is, thank you SBS!

Credit: SBS


  • Humbledaisy says:

    And no “did-they-or-didn’t-they” couples mugs speculations like in Healer!

  • Beez says:

    @Hunble Daisy – Healer was as clear as it gets in Kdrama. The scene that led up to it, the strewn yet intertwined shoes at the foot of the bed, the fact that both have taken off the clothes they had on -(removed the sweaters they had on and he now has on a “wife beater” and she has on something lightweight) and the most important clue ever in Kdrama – in bed AND under the same blanket. Then the waking up and all the following scenes of Healer being a love whipped clingy puppy…

    Although I see quite a few people saying this about the coffee mugs, I don’t know how it could be any more explicit (considering it’s Kdrama). \_(ツ)_/¯ 

    Even this scene in Suspicious Partner cut away to the open door during the actual deed.

    I do agree with Clickwatcher that things are heating up in K-world, in general, though.

  • Beez says:

    First, apologies to both HumbleDaisy and Clockwatcher for butchering you’re names. (New phone that still autocorrects (wrongly) and doesn’t recognize my swypes.

    I went back and rewatched the beginning of Healer episode 15 to be sure my memory wasn’t faulty. And it’s all there as I remembered, besides everything I mentioned before, PLUS, Chae Young shin waking up to Healer staring at her, and her embarrassed shyness after her (their?) first time so ducking her head under the (joint) covers and then him joining her by pulling the cover over both their heads. The following lack of shyness as she comes out of the shower and he helps dry her hair and then his pestering her for we all “know what” as she tries to cook. *sigh* *best ever*

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