“Fight For My Way” Episode 13 Preview

I’m still loving this drama! I thought Episode 12 was a little slow but it was important for Dong Man’s development.

Who else cheered when Seol Hee emptied a glass of water on that intern’s face? That selfish, spoiled brat is so used to getting whatever she wants that she was determined to get Joo Man no matter who got hurt.

Our OTP is a couple, yay! But unfortunately, these days, their kisses are a nay. PD-nim, we need more passion!

Can we get some Ae Ra becoming an anchor/MC storylines, please? I don’t really care that much about this potential mom thing anymore since they’ve dragged it out too long. This preview has her son saying that he’s interested in her but I think it’s misleading.

Credit: KBS, Uploader

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