“Fight For My Way” Episode 15 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 7

WTF, Show? I was looking for an uplifting drama where our favorite characters fight their way towards love and success and not this shit you served us in the previous episode. NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS! My poor Dong Man.

I know there’s poetry in the rematch between him and Tak Su being his final fight but please, not like this! Don’t tell us that he won’t be able to get back in the ring! I’m not too worried about his hearing impairment because I am sure it’s temporary.

That tragedy aside, how much did you guys love all the kisses?!?! It looks like the writer and director heard our pleas and put back the passion that severely lacked the previous week.

I’m glad to see that Ae Ra’s found her dream job although the more practical side of me wishes she’d gone for the anchor job because it’s more prestigious career-wise and will provide opportunities to MC other types of gigs in the future. But it’s a show about following your heart so I commend her for doing just that.

Joo Man and Seol Hee’s issues are realistic but they still remain my least favorite thing about this show. I do love how stubborn Seol Hee is being and while I expect a reunion, will be fine with an ending where she chooses herself, even if it’s only for a while.

The show keeps hinting that Madame Hwang is Dong Man’s mom but I can’t see what this will add to the story. They should just make her Ae Ra’s mother and be done with it.

It’s a given that people will change. But the key to longevity in relationships is that you change together or in a way that’s complimentary to each other. If Seol Hee can’t handle the changes in Joo Man then perhaps this relationship isn’t worth saving even after 6 years. It’s still a drama, though, so I’m expecting him to prove he’s not changed or promise to stay the same or some other thing.

My darling Dong Man… 🙁

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  • juliesean says:

    Arghhh….we are now in angst territory. I signed up for a rom-com, not a melo. I hate that kdramas somehow always deviates into melo halfway through the narrative. Same with Suspicious Partners. Sigh!!!

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