First Trailer for SBS’s “Falsify” Starring Namgoong Min

No one exemplifies “Overnight Success” like everyone’s favorite oppa, Namgoong Min. But we all know that overnight successes are rarely as the term implies and for our man, it meant over a decade of toiling away in lame daily dramas or playing second fiddle in miniseries before getting his due as the bonafide leading man he’s become.

From AsianWiki:

Reporters Han Moo-Young (Namgung Min) and Lee Seok-Min (Yu Jun-Sang) and Prosecutor Kwon So-Ra (Uhm Ji-Won) struggle to unveil the truth that was falsified.

Well, it’s not the most exciting synopsis so let’s watch the preview:

I think I’m going to check it out just for that wink. Falsify premieres on January 24th on SBS.

Credit: SBS


  • bmore says:

    Terrific Cast. Really looking forward to Uhm Ji Won and Yoo Joon Sang joining NGM for this drama.

  • juliesean says:

    He’s gonna be in another cray-cray role isn’t he? He’s one of the few charismatic actors that draws you in with the characters he portrays. With that wink, I’m reminded that Chief Kim is up for a re-watch. It looks like a heavy drama, and I’m not too keen on the cast as well….think I’ll wait for the reviews.

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