“Secret Forest” Episode 11 Preview + Quick Thoughts on Week 5

I quite enjoyed last week’s episodes and I think it’s because we’ve got a larger team assembled and it’s no longer just our leads navigating through the mess of this scandal.

I don’t know what to think of Shi Mok’s childhood friend. He seems earnest enough and his cluelessness genuine but the truth is on this kind of show, that can totally be an act. So I’m with Shi Mok that he has a knack for turning up everywhere so we need to keep an eye on him.

However, if he’s actually genuine, then I’m glad that Shi Mok got him a job and that putting his face out there will help his career in the long run.

In my opinion, Young Eun Soo is the absolute worst character on the show. She doesn’t know her place. She is unnecessarily rude to Shi Mok and doesn’t understand boundaries when she shows up at his home. And this past week, she tried to get herself on the team. Listen, I get that you’re desperate to clear your father’s name but your recklessness is a huge detriment and puts people around you in danger. Plus I wouldn’t put it past her to forge evidence to frame the former chief prosecutor so she needs to stay the hell away. I don’t think this will happen but the last straw would be if they hint at some ugly romance with Shi Mok at the end of the drama. Please don’t go there, Writer!

Seo Dong Jae is still as dumb as ever. He keeps scheming but is too stupid to realize that he’s outsmarted by everyone else. He now stupidly thinks he’s secured his freedom by being a double agent not realizing that he’s just being used by both sides.  I loved how he ran off and hid evidence without realizing that they were only giving him rope to hang himself. What a moron!

I really like the team additions like the prosecutor who lost his son. I think it would break my heart if he betrayed them so I hope he’s honest till the end. I loved how he interviewed that snake, Dong Jae and had a response for all his comebacks!

I enjoy Investigator Kim’s animated reactions and hope the assisting officer is okay as he mentioned that her absence was odd at their last meeting. I think the detective is a good guy at heart but a bit naive and thus overwhelmed by everything. He doesn’t want to believe that his bosses are crooked and I can only hope that Yeo Jin was aware that he took note of her password. Did he copy the video? I’m assuming he must have otherwise, where would his boss have gotten the screenshot to blackmail Lee Chang Joon with?

I don’t really have much to say about Yeo Jin this episode because it was the usual fare. I am glad she was able to get Ga Young to safety.

I don’t know what to think of former chief prosecutor Lee Chang Joon, to be honest. His father-in-law is being made out to be the big bad while he’s a puppet but is he really just a man who finds himself in a tough spot? He’s definitely shady and I sometimes feel bad for him because at his age, he’s still someone’s lackey but then I also wonder how many evil things he’s done. What is he hiding? What is his endgame? Is he the mastermind? His ambitions led him to marry into this family and he’s surely benefited but who is he really? I can’t wait to find out.

As for his crazy wife, she goes around poking her nose where it doesn’t belong but just how involved is she and what atrocities has she committed? Whose murder is she being charged with?

Well, it looks like Ga Young will be sharing a very important number with the team in the next episode.

Credit: tvN


  • V says:

    I have heard absolutely amazing things about this drama. Some drama addict even mentioned it as the best drama they have ever seen. I heard it is really big in Korea. i haven’t watched it yet, but I really want to marathon it once it finishes it’s run.

  • Min Ah says:

    Absolutely agree with you especially about Young Eun Soo! what is wrong with that woman!
    and yes, writer- beware if you are thinking to pair them up
    No, never …andwae! choltae!

    This is one of the best dramas of 2017. Applaud the actors, writer, director & crew.

  • Dramamama says:

    I love this drama. The writing, the directing and the acting is superb. Best drama I’ve watched in a long time.

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