6-Minute Long Preview For KBS’s Upcoming Drama “School 2017”

Now that the wonderful Fight for My Way has wrapped up, it’s time to talk about its replacement.

School 2017 is the latest in the School series.

Here’s the synopsis from Wikipedia:

A coming-of-age story about the lives of 18-year-old high school students who are valued according to their ranking in school. Despite their frustrations, they find out how to make their own way in this world that seems to be a stagnant cycle of school and home.

That told me nothing but we can all guess that it will be a teen romance with a good chance of a major love triangle that results in shipper wars.

I guess there’s going to be a mystery too! Here’s the long preview:

School 2017 premieres on July 17th on KBS.

Credit: KBS, Viki, Uploader

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