“Fight For My Way” Episode 16 Preview + Some Thoughts on Episode 15

This show does break-ups well and Ae Ra and Dong Man’s separation is a perfect example. While I think that it’s wrong of Ae Ra to use Dong Man’s love for her against him, I think it’s absolutely fair for her to tell him that she can’t be with a fighter.

This isn’t something that just popped up at the eleventh hour. It’s been made very clear that she can’t bear to watch him fight and she even cried her eyes out at the match that lasted less than a minute. No one should expect her to spend the rest of her life like that. Especially not after seeing what state he was in after the last fight; watching him lose his hearing; and knowing that one punch to the wrong place can now lead to permanent hearing loss. She loves him so much that she can’t bear for him to be pain.

And it’s not like his chosen profession is like law enforcement or firefighting or the armed forces… or any occupation where the risk is for the greater good. So from her perspective, even if it’s his dream, it’s something he can consider giving up.

On the other hand, Dong Man needs this to feel complete. He can’t imagine returning to the life he lived for ten years and in a way, achieving his dream is for a greater good because it will bring joy to his family. So as much as he loves her, he can’t give it up because he knows he’ll be miserable even if he still has her love. And in reality, that just builds resentment.

So right now, they are at an impasse and both parties made fair, valid choices. I expect a happy ending so I wonder what kind of compromise they’ll arrive at or if one of them will give in.

Can anyone explain why we’re spending precious minutes of our last episode on Nam Il and his angst? He’s a fourth quarter addition so do they really expect us to be invested in his drama concerning Madame Hwang’s love for her biological child?

Credit: KBS

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  • Martin J Simwaba says:

    Nah, i don’t care about Nam-il and his pet jealousy. And if the show is trying to do something that will make him do something stupid that’ll make Ae-ra a damsel in distress, i’ll hate it.
    Thanks for the preview.

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