“Bride of the Water God” Episode 5 Preview + Week 2 Thoughts

😀 😀 😀

That’s pretty much my facial expression while watching this drama. The couple has chemistry (and I wonder what future they can even have) but the comedy is what keeps me interested in this drama.

We have things like the running gag of Habaek pretending to not get hungry while his tummy growls anytime food is mentioned but other than that, his dialogue is plain hilarious. The comedy lies in everything he says being truthful from his perspective but utterly ridiculous to a human. Then we have hilarious observations like when he went to Moo Ra’s hotel and noted that she’d trained her servants well. LOL. That made me laugh out loud for some reason.

So this week started with So Ah losing her mind because she kept hearing voices. It got even funnier when she failed at getting Habaek to make it stop and had to work really hard to convince herself that everything was now okay because her conscience was cleared – but it wasn’t.

We also learned a bit about her past and that she puts up a front and tries not to be compassionate due to how her father left her family. And that she and her nurse go way back to their childhood. Do they expect us to believe that those characters are of a similar age?

One thing I like about the current dramas is that many of these women are assertive and stand their ground. A desperate So Ah got insulted by an ex-classmate but instead of shrinking and crying, she spoke up and returned it in kind. We still had the male lead come to her rescue but I’m pretty sure she could have taken care of the chairman’s granddaughter herself.

The OTP are getting along better and their conversations are always entertaining. And she listened to him and even inadvertently helped him meet one keeper of a god stone, Moo Ra, a top star who treats him like trash but hates seeing him with other women. Now we just need to know why she refuses to give him the stone.

Then we got that epic scene where a random guy tried to kill her (who da heck is he?) and Habaek’s powers kicked in just in time to save her. It appears that he needs a very strong stimulus to trigger his powers but I wonder if they’ll always be connected to her. She was also present the last time they kicked in.

I think if someone jumps and saves you from plunging to your death without a harness or something to support himself, you’ll start believing he’s a god. As does So Ah. And I laughed at her reaction to learning that he’s 2,800 years old. Yes girl, he’s a fossil.

It’s kind of funny but sad to see his servant working part-time jobs to feed him and earn money that he wastes on expensive cab rides so it was great to see him work even if meant spending all evening reporting negative comments about Moo Ra online and working as a bodyguard even if she didn’t keep her end of the bargain and give him the god stone.

Since our god is pretty much a burden right now, I’m glad that our second lead stepped in this week and helped ease her financial woes in the form of offering to purchase her land at a heavily inflated price. But I fully expect for things to not go smoothly and she’ll stay broke. I wonder what it’ll be.

Last but not least, the romance is progressing well. Other than the K-drama forced skinship situations where one person trips etc etc, we’ve got scenes that explode with chemistry when they converse as they walk and how cute was that one bit where she kept making his stomach growl? And he’s now beginning to care for her as we see when he waits outside for her return or gets jealous about the “human god” coming to her rescue.

All in all, I enjoyed this week’s episodes because they made me laugh and consider them a vast improvement over last week’s. There were still scenes that ran on for too long like karaoke and the drive and dream. And will grandpa and his spoiled granddaughter play a bigger role? Because we’re being subjected to their annoying scenes where she acts like a petulant child.

We finally get to see Gong Myung’s character interact with our “powerless” god. And I say “powerless” because while he can’t turn stone into gold, he’s able to master anything in a few minutes which is still god-like. Anyway, I thought our CEO might be his childhood friend-turned-enemy but it seems to be Gong Myung’s character.

Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure our CEO is a god too (he admires the human appreciation for humor) but why don’t he and the water god recognize each other? Hmm.

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  • Marie says:

    I think the CEO is up to something shady. He wants to buy the land that contains the gate to heavens for a reason. And Mu Ra, what is she planning with By Ryeom? She seems to be uncomfortable with it, it feels like she wants to be good to Habaek but she can’t because she is playing a role…who knows.
    And my favorite scene was hands down when So Ah and Habaek walked together in the street. I found it utterly cute, the way he was waiting for her, and how she realized what he was doing and asked him to wait at the end of the street next time…and how she kept teasing him. That was sweet. This show has this sweet flavor in general, I feel it in the OTP chemistry and also in Habaek’s personality, he is nonchalant but kind at the same time, also Namsuri, and even So Ah, who is presented as damaged and bitter, has moments where her sweetness resurfaces.
    In any case, I’m liking the comedy and the mystery about the stones, but after this week I’m mostly waiting for the romance to kick-off, because the OTP is being so cute and the god-factor has to make it more swoony, isn’t it?

  • Cid says:

    I think his power was back on due that So ah received a cut on her hand, plus the minister at Habaek home mentioned I think was in episode 1 that for habaek to be back at his kingdom she needed to die. I dont recall his exact words but where along does line.

  • Cid says:

    I think his power was back on due that So ah received a cut on her hand, plus the minister at Habaek home mentioned I think was in episode 1 that for habaek to be back at his kingdom she needed to die. I dont recall his exact words but where along does line.

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