Posters Released for tvN’s Upcoming Drama “Criminal Minds”

The police drama that centers around criminal profiling has dropped a few posters to whet our appetites. There appears to be a lot of excitement surrounding this adaptation so I hope it meets the viewers’ expectations.

Here’s a little BTS video of their photo shoot to make us smile.

Criminal Minds premieres on July 26th on tvN.

Credit: tvN

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  • Teleri says:

    I’m really hoping this shows up on a ROKU streaming channel. Drama Fever, Viki, Netflix, Hulu – the amount of don’t care which one is real. I had to watch Man to Man delayed cause Netflix got the rights – but I’d rather watch this one AS it’s being released…
    Cause I prefer watching on my 42″ TV over my 17″ computer. Go figure.
    I can cast it to my TV but the quality sucks big time for some reason.

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