“Secret Forest” Episode 13 Preview and Quick Thoughts on Week 6

Well, well, well. We finally learned who the devil in their midst is.

Last week, I said that I liked Prosecutor Yoon and would be heartbroken if he ended up betraying the team and of course, he turns out to be the mastermind. Why don’t they just go ahead and make Prosecutor Kang his accomplice and ruin my month?

Not to say that I’m actually heartbroken or particularly shocked, though. Largely because on a show like this, everyone is a suspect. The only characters that would have shocked me are Si Mok and of course, Dong Jae, because he’s too stupid and sloppy.

So our grieving father attacked Ga Young. Right now, we can only assume that corruption played a hand; if not in his son’s death, then in his killer’s prosecution, or lack there of. The question is just how dangerous is he? While we’re not yet certain that he killed Park Moo Sung (the chances are high), we are certain that he hurt Ga Young so we know he is not above getting violent to achieve his goals. Does this mean Young Eun Soo’s life is now in danger because she kinda saw his tattoo?

Speaking of which, this girl continues to be impulsive and her single-mindedness will get her killed one of these days. When she ran off crying over the request for a retrial being denied, I wanted to remind her that her father warned her about it. I get that she wants to clear her father’s name but her behavior and lack of common sense will not get her what she wants. She’s also so blinded by her hatred for Lee that there’s too much confirmation bias with her investigation. She wants it to be him so she’s going to make sure that it is. And now, Ga Young’s reaction has confirmed what she believed all along and I wonder what she’s going to do next.

Given that he knows who Ga Young was really reacting to, Dong Jae advising Eun Soo against repeating that stunt is the smartest thing he’s ever done. Now, let’s see if he falls for the trap Lee has set up for him. I think unlike some others, he’s a main character contracted for every episode so I don’t want to make any predictions. He always seems to escape everything by the skin of his teeth so we’ll see if that trend continues.

Last week, I wondered how dirty Lee really was and this week, we got our answer: very. He’s not just doing these things because his father-in-law pushes him around. He’s neck deep in corruption and I can’t wait till he goes down. But how funny is it that the CEO of the newspaper hates him because he stole his spot? He’s not mad about not being with the girl but that he doesn’t have the father-in-law, thus the career he coveted. Just how pathetic can one be?

As for Lee’s wife, how funny is it that she acts tough and mighty but she sang like a canary the minute Si Mok threatened to make their investigation official?

And boy was the police chief, Kim Woo Kyun, pathetic. Dude acted so desperate when all this could have been avoided if he wasn’t a disgusting pervert.

Speaking of the police, did that guy really think an apology would make what they put that kid through disappear? If he’s really sorry, he should back up that kid’s claims and make sure everyone pays for their crimes.

One last thing: Is our Yeo Jin a little jealous of the imaginary relationship between Si Mok and Eun Soo? There hasn’t been any indication that Si Mok could give a rat’s ass about a romance with anyone but I feel they are dropping little hints here and there regarding some jealousy on Yeo Jin’s part. Last week when she saw Eun Soo in the conference room and noticed the sweater and now this week after Kim Jung Bon dropped the defective bomb. I’m not a shipper but I know some people would be very happy if the series leaves room for a future romance down the line.

There hasn’t been much focus on Prosecutor Yoon so far but I suspect that will change in the last four episodes. What was he doing in Who was at Si Mok’s place? Will Eun Soo figure it out and for once, tell Si Mok instead of jumping in head first and risking her life and the investigation? And whose dead body was found?

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  • zitaliam says:

    Prosecutor Yoon is not the one at Si Mok’s place. He is among the team at the garden party. That man is likely to the Chairman Lee’s right hand man. I believe Yoon is the one who started this journey to unearth the corruption, so ya high probability that he killed Park Moo Sung and tipped off the newspaper.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      You are totally right. That was a brain fart on my part because he was at the party when Eun Soo called Si Mok.

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