“Bride of the Water God” Episode 7 Preview + Week 3 Thoughts

We got a little bit more insight to some of the characters this week and learned that Moo Ra isn’t really that evil after all. I think there’s a bit of sweetness hidden behind her insecurity-masking bravado. It was funny how she kept tattling on Bi Ryeom.

And yeah, Bi Ryeom is kind of Loki in the sense that he’s a troublemaker.

Anyway, we learned that they were refusing to return the god stones because one is missing as is the third god. Again, is this Hoo Ye disguised in a different form? Or will it be an entirely new character?

We also learned that So Ah’s family is cursed and that each descendant will only have one heir and a short-lived romance because their spouse will die shortly after child birth. I guess in her own case, her husband will die? But I’m assuming this curse will be broken since she’s going to end up with a god. Now I’m wondering which other curse will befall their descendants for having a father abscond their throne as a god king.  Because this drama will have a happy ending, right?

Just as I guessed last episode, Habaek’s powers are somehow tied to So Ah. He’s trash for risking her life to test this theory and I’m glad she told him off. I felt so bad when Bi Ryeom used her in his little game with Habaek. This poor woman really is a pawn to them.

And despite promising that he will protect and never endanger her, Habaek still thinks he owns her, as was seen with him tearing up that contract. He may claim the land but on Earth, it’s hers. I know he’s falling for her but will he ever stop seeing her as his servant? He will need to think of her as someone independent of him for their romance to really flourish and become something worth rooting for.

I don’t really have much to say about Hoo Ye because nothing much happened with him this week. And they continue to waste time on that Grandpa-Granddaughter pair. They are both so damn annoying and I feel like we could have skipped their scenes this week and nothing would have changed. Also, please no romance between her and Hoo Ye’s secretary.

I have to say that you can kind of tell that this drama is based on a webtoon with randomness like some psycho trying to kill her because she ruined his spotless driving record. I guess revenge is worth risking your record as a lawful member of society.

A white truck of doom “hit” her and she lived to tell the tale. I suppose that means that his powers kicked in again? I just hope that we don’t keep sending her to the brink of death just so we can see his powers.

Credit: tvN

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