“School 2017” Episode 7 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 3

Goodness, I love this drama!

With fantasy (and crime) dramas being so popular these days, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy a well told story about simple people living everyday lives.

Of course the school is a bit unrealistic and all of that, but I’m really enjoying how the relationships are being explored here.

In the past few weeks, we got to learn about their painful pasts and how all three leads are connected to one tragedy.

We have Tae Woon who went on a joyride with his friend and watched helplessly as his friend saved lives and lost his. Then there’s Eun Ho who was rescued from the bus and Dae Hwi who made the call that distracted his friend. It’s never a good idea to answer your phone while riding a bike so I like that they showed that an irresponsible act led to this tragedy.

On some level, I can understand why Tae Woon’s dad kept his son out of the papers but refusing to give the kid’s family some peace by letting his urn visit the school was unnecessarily cruel. Thus, it’s no surprise that his guilt-ridden son has become some sort of vigilante. At first, I thought it would be too obvious and that the reveal would be quickly reversed but it appears that he really is X. And now, Eun Ho has become the accomplice she was accused to being.

Dae Hwi, poor Dae Hwi. For starters, how unrealistic is it for him to turn down a kiss from his girlfriend? Even if he doesn’t like her, he’s still a hormonal teenager. But why is he with her? Because she’s pretty and he thinks it helps his image and he might benefit from her family connections? Will he dump her when he learns the truth? I don’t think that he’s inherently a user but being around those awful rich people might have influenced his thinking. I just feel so bad that he feels that the odds are stacked so highly against him that being the best is not good enough.

But goodness! When will someone punch that entitled kid he tutors? I know it’s largely due to his mother’s influence but instead of recognizing that the only reason he’s second in his class is because Dae Hwi tutors him and does his homework, he still covets an unearned 1st post. What a shithead.

Speaking of which, what crack is Tae Woon’s dad smoking when he decided to rig a math competition for his son to win? Wouldn’t every college be suspicious of a kid at the bottom of the class suddenly winning a math competition? That kid had better try to beef up his record by doing community service or something like that.

But it’s crazy how these parents are creating competitions just to give their kids a leg up on the competition. And purposely excluding some kids. It’s so darn corrupt. And the principal is the biggest moron of all. Isn’t he ashamed of being a puppet at his age?

It’s pretty obvious where this is going romance-wise but it looks like the love triangle is about to begin, with Dae Hwi being jealous of the Tae Woon/Eun Ho relationship. They are still young so this isn’t the kind of show I necessarily want the second lead to be paired with anyone at the end.

Friendship-wise, Dae Hwi still loves Tae Woon but his friend represents everything he hates so I can only imagine how difficult it is to look at him. He’s a smart guy and I think that sooner or later, he’ll realize that he’s X and I wonder how he will react. Will he join the team?

Tae Woon is mad at him for missing their friend’s funeral to take a test but he also saw Dae Hwi with his mom so he knows how much he cares. That’s why I suspect that his violent reaction was more about feeling ashamed and guilty than Dae Hwi’s behavior. He was probably lashing out.

Anyway, I like all three characters and can’t wait for more.

I haven’t said much about Mr. Shim but he’s gone from being a pathetic, powerless teacher to a devoted and caring one. He obviously wants to protect X and wouldn’t it be funny if he joined the team upon learning his identity?

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  • Cid says:

    I love this drama too, love all 3 characters and I hope that the 3 of them plus teacher Shim can bring down the corruption that is going on at school, until next episode 🤓

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