“School 2017” Episode 9 Preview

Sigh. The annoying people are still f***ing annoying! Ugh. This greedy rich kid who’d probably be 100th in the class without Dae Hwi’s help needs to disappear already! I actually want Dae Hwi to intentionally screw him up and make him fail. That’s what his dumb ass deserves.

Now it appears he’s pressuring Dae Hwi to wrap something up quickly. We’ll find out what he’s talking about soon enough.

I guess we’re acting like Dae Hwi and Nam Joo had a real thing since he’s missing her and hypersensitive about things concerning her. Okay, Writers, we’ll go with that.

Did they or did they not kiss? Eun Ho is rubbing her lips together and Tae Woon can’t forget something. I’ve learned not to take previews at face value so I’m just going to wait till I see the episode. He’s also telling her to stay by his side. Does this mean they are dating? We’ll find out on Monday.

Credit: KBS, Uploader

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