“School 2017” Episode 10 Preview

I have seen Episode 9 and the OTP is the cutest! And I think they are both aware of each other’s feelings but they’ve gotta do their dance a little longer. I’m cool with that.

What I’m not cool with is Hee Chan. Can someone stop this abusive coward already? As if we hadn’t already seen Bo Ra suffer at the hands of Bit Na and those iljins, now they’ve got to pile on dating violence! Why, guys?

While being under extreme pressure by his horrible family is awful, it does not excuse his behavior and I have a hard time sympathizing with him for longer than a minute. One thing I love is that Eun Ho stood up for herself. Even after the incident, she still confronted him in class and told him that he wasn’t off the hook. You go, girl!

Dae Hwi, Dae Hwi, Dae Hwi! What did you do? But there’s still hope for you so I’ll wait for you to redeem yourself.

Tomorrow’s episode looks good. I can’t wait!

Credit: KBS

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