“Strongest Deliveryman” Episode 5 Preview + Quick Thoughts on Week 2

After about one and a half episodes of Jin Kyu being adorable, he’s reverted to his old ways. Actually, he’s even worse because he’s refusing to take responsibility for his actions. Yes, it’s true that admitting to the road closure wouldn’t work out great for him or the family company but thinking that paying for that kid’s medical bills is sufficient is insulting. Now it looks like the next episode will revolve around him. Le sigh.

I don’t hate the character but the stunt he pulled at the police station doesn’t endear him to me at all. As for Kang Soo, how smart of him to get Jin Kyu to unwittingly confess to his crime without recording it. In what world does that make sense?

Elsewhere, rich girl Ji Yoon has moved out of her parents’ home but thinks it’s cool to impose on a stranger when she sees a roach in her dorm room. Why is it okay to continuously take advantage of Kang Soo’s kindness or does she think he doesn’t like sleeping in his own room?

Although they currently prefer the leads, she and Jin Kyu are being forced to date each other for a year which I’m sure will lead to them making it permanent. They are both selfish so it might be a match made in heaven.

Dan Ah spent majority of the episode sick with both men helping her out in different capacities so there wasn’t much to her storyline. I guess we’ll see if Jin Kyu makes good on his promise and she gets enough funds to set the ball rolling on emigrating. Yeah, I wonder what will go wrong.

What did Kang Soo even do this past week? He started a bromance with Jin Kyu that is already over, he investigated the road closure and was nice and caring to everyone. That’s all well and good but the second leads made stronger impressions this week. Let’s see what the next episodes give us.

Till then!


  • Teleri says:

    I’m so very upset by the turn things have taken. Sorry, taking monetary responsibility in a case like this is EXTREMELY important in real life. Many a wrongful injury suit is settled out of court in exchange for full medical coverage. It is the most meaningful, practical way to take responsibility for something like this. That boy is racking up medical bills and needs a lot of money for the care needed to keep him alive!
    Also, I entirely beg to differ about Jin Kyu ‘reverting’. For one thing he never really WAS a horrible example of rich entitled kid – he was CLUELESS, and also abused. The racing is the only passion he has in life. True, closing off a street at midnight for unauthorized street racing is illegal. However, it’s normally not a crime against persons but against the state ie it involves bribing public officials & using public utilities for private use. This is wrong but not heinous.
    And the writers/directors show how this affects Jin Kyu – he’s properly upset. The reason he doesn’t want to go to the police is his FATHER. Can we remember that he tried to KILL himself already over this, because Daddy Dearest beat him up?
    I fully understand Kang Soo’s attitude – except for the part where he, not even a RELATIVE, decided to turn down the offer to pay off his friend’s medical bills. THAT is not okay – not his decision to make.
    I have to say I hate the drama meme (found everywhere, not just KDramas) that somehow it’s so noble to turn down monetary reparation. That’s HIGHLY unrealistic. In the real world that is what lawsuits are ALL about – money. Very rarely does all this high-minded ‘just want an apology’ kind of attitude come into play. When it does, it’s to stop ongoing activities (ie stop factory farming, stop polluting, stop illegal firing etc). So I do snort whenever I see it.
    If the writers are going to actually demonize Jin Kyu, after this promising beginning, I will be dropping this drama.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Don’t get me wrong. I am not against him taking monetary responsibility but he should do it the right way. He should own up to his crime and pay the price which could very well include compensating the kid financially. However, him doing a side deal is just him throwing money at the problem like I bet he’s always done. That’s why I said it’s not sufficient.

      The bottom line is that he committed the crime. It’s not like he was a child who didn’t know what he was doing was wrong. It’s true that he didn’t cause that kid’s accident but I love how we’re being shown that his selfish act of drag racing affects innocent people. One has to wonder how many other emergencies were exacerbated due to his selfishness.

      And when he gets to the police station, he does not own up to his crime – that would show growth.That would be him taking responsibility. But that’s not what he’s doing which is why I said he’s reverted to his old ways.

  • Adal says:

    @Teleri I’m with you on this one. The offer of monetary compensation is extremely important and one that would have made the recovery process easier for the kid in the coma, his mother and grandmother. And Jin Gyu didn’t offer it dismissively like money could solve all the problems. Jin Gyu was apologetic and begged Kang Soo not to take him to the cops, because his father would really kill him then. Let’s not forget that Jin Gyu attempted suicide and is trying his best to turn a new leaf.

    I was absolutely livid with Kang Soo for dragging him to the police station, what good would it do the family to throw Jin Gyu in jail except to placate their sense of justice that the person who closed the road is punished? I’m not surprised that things went down the way it did at the police station, Jin Gyu’s on his last leg with his father who told him to go and die; and self preservation would be his top priority.

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