English-Subbed “School 2017” BTS & Thoughts: Why Is This Drama So Cute?

We got another great week and how cute is Tae Woon? How is it that a high school drama is able to feature such a realistic, heartwarming and well-developed relationship? We’ve got adorable Tae Woon who doesn’t shy away from his feelings. He’s not beating himself up or trying not to like her or pretending not to like or the myriad of other things our leads often do before succumbing to their feelings. Instead, the owned them once he understood what they meant! We all deserve a Tae Woon in high school (and adulthood for that matter). And he’s become such an understanding, supportive source of strength for our girl!

Eun Ho for her part hasn’t yet responded in kind but after the initial awkwardness, they are back to spending time together and teasing each other. She didn’t run away and it’s only a matter of time before they are officially together. How can they not after this scene?

Be still, my heart, guys! It perfectly depicted how well Eun Ho knows and can influence him. And of course, how much he cares about her. And how they find comfort in each other. Thank you, Writer and Director!

Hee Chan went from very annoying to an outright villain this week. Lord, I’m sick of him and can’t wait to see him go down. As painful as Bo Ra’s story was (and boy did they pile it on), I’m glad she eventually found strength and broke free of the shackles she and they had put on her. And thank you for being smart enough to record the incident.

And our Eun Ho was a rock star this week. She stood up to the bully and never backed down despite his threats. Her family may be poor but they are proud and strong enough to stand their ground. They raised a great daughter who not only faced her problem head on, but let a lonely girl know that her arms were wide open with no strings attached. What a gem.

Dae Hwi, Dae Hwi, Dae Hwi. He’s a perfect kid on the outside but an absolute mess on the inside. I love how flawed he is and how he’s growing. The first thing to be done is to completely cut Hee Chan loose which I hope we soon see despite the financial ramifications. He revealed himself as “X” and sneakily implicated him in the process and I can’t wait to see what effect – if any – it will have. What’s left is to repair his relationship with Tae Woon. Will he join them in their secret “X” room? It won’t be easy but I’m pretty sure we’ll see them happier at the end. I can’t wait!

And who else is happy that this drama doesn’t have any love triangles, and thus, no shipper wars? It’s so darn refreshing and it’s fun to see everyone enjoying the drama together without characters being demonized to prop ships.

Anyway, I’m having a ball and will be sad when School 2017 ends. Here’s an adorable BTS clip to tide us till the next episode.

Credit: KBS


  • Wu says:

    I’m happy there are no love triangles thus no mess shipping war. Thanks for your commitment to this drama. Should be aware about your blog existence. So grateful see blogger opinion about this drama. 🙂

  • Cid says:

    I too LOVE this drama, no love triangle is the best kind of tired of this in every drama, lets face it in real life how many love triagle are they.

    Love our main OTP . Cant wait until next week.

  • SOSsy says:

    Drama is lurve! Totally didn’t expect to like it this much. But then again, I’m the mayor of floozyville…

    The BTS 4 rain -shield scene was just padum padum! Kim Hyun Jun said it was unintentional, but I hafta say the way he raised the bag to just above Se Jeong’s height and stuck out his chest was totally natural and reflex. Very sweet! Mama raised this boy right!

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