I admit, this love is inevitable.

The more we see him falling for Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jung), the more we can’t help but fall for him too! Those stares, his smile.. we are a goner! I’m sure, I’m not alone on this. That’s why, Kim Jung Hyun deserves to be our Flavour of the Week!

He is proving to be more than just the staple K-drama hero, as he portrays the role of Hyun Tae Woon in KBS longest running hit series, now on its latest version – School 2017. And OH BOY, he is truly a stand-out! He has the perfect strong arm and broad shoulders we can lean on. I mean, for Eun Ho’s use of course. I also blame his smile. I tell you, its deadly.

I first laid eyes on him while watching Jealousy Incarnate. He played as Gong Hyo Jin’s sweet protective brother. His screen time wasn’t that long. But for him to act with Jo Jung Seok and Gong Hyo Jin without being engulfed by their presence, means a lot. Since then, I knew he needed to be given a role that fits him more to be recognised. He had that sweet-bad-boyish vibe, naturally oozing out of him. We will never get tired of loving this kind of charm! He makes me feel like I’m back being a teen swooning over Tae Woon’s every move, while he makes sure to be with Eun Ho just to stare lovingly at her. Damn.

I would like to take this space as an opportunity to show my love for School 2017. Clockwatcher has been generous enough in sharing her thoughts that I’ll pinch-in just few more! I love seeing them bicker and fight. But nothing beats whenever I see them sitting together, simply enjoying each other’s company.

In Episode 2 when Eun Ho was suffering from a bad day at school, Tae Woon made her rest at his favourite spot. No need for words of comfort because their presence alone made everything better. That’s a strong kind of chemistry for a couple. Hold your horses, people. As much as I’m dying for them to make it official, let me slide on saying this here. These two are surely enjoying the time that they are indecisive. Well, I have to admit, the flirting and the butterflies from teenage romance is undeniably adorable. I’m glad Tae Woon is steadfast in marking his territory. AJA!!

You may give up, but I can’t. I refuse to see you suffer when you did no wrong. I won’t let you fight alone. And I won’t let you be lonely. So trust me. Be strong! Let’s fight together. – Tae Woon

No words can be sweeter if it doesn’t come from a sincere heart.

The assurance and confidence that Tae Woon exudes is endearing. If I were Eun Ho, I won’t hesitate any longer. I will trust him completely. It’s more than just relying on a person. If he has a sturdy source of will, it gives off a different kind of strength to help endure problems. The best part? Eun Ho is never alone! This kind of compliment — Tae Woon being strong at Eun Ho’s weakest, makes their relationship a force to be reckoned with.

Kim Jung Hyun hasn’t had projects piled up on his portfolio. But I don’t need to fret. After School 2017, this man will surely find it hard to choose what project to film next. Dude, be ready for more because we can’t wait to fall madly in love all over again.

For now, let’s all swoon to our hearts content!



  • Carie says:

    Kim Jung Hyun is indeed the man of the hour! He is simply adorable, yet dependable and protective yet ignorant of how he feels and the funny thing is that he needs to slap himself to wake up and check if this is real.

    Kim Jung Hyun makes School 2017 so much fun and I can’t wait till the next episode. I am looking forward to School 2017 at the end of every week and am just so afraid that it will end soon and the withdrawal syndrome starts all over again.

    School 2017 is now my current fav and I am sure a whole lot of us just love KIM JUNG HYUN so much.


  • Anjan says:

    Omo ~ uri nice guy-nim… aaa 🙂☺😊

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