“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 5 Preview

Two weeks in and I’m still enjoying it. I feel like the show is telling me that Dr. Heo is problematic because he likes money but I’m not seeing the problem. At the end of the day, it’s a profession. I don’t see anything wrong with him treating the poor during the day and the rich at night. I suppose it’s because he’s two-faced and rejects patients but again, everyone is treated at the right time. I don’t think it’s so terrible that he rejects patients when the allotted time is up or that when he’s making his rounds, he prioritizes his clients over random people who stop him for help. I think it’s pretty normal behavior. It certainly doesn’t justify that dude trying to murder him because he didn’t treat his mother. But he’s not a hero which is what he’ll grow to become so I hope they make the journey an interesting one.

Anyway, after visiting his era, Dr. Heo is now even more on our dear Dr. Choi’s shit list. She now knows that he’s a doctor but angry that he’s a money-grubbing one. I guess she’s going to pretend she didn’t witness him step in and save lives on several occasions but whatever.

Right now, I’m wondering what next near-death experience will send him back to the Joseon era he’s adamant about never returning to.  Because we know he has to make a return trip, after all, his future love’s wallet is still there.

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  • Seriously, after Secret Forest ended, I really was floundering on the KDrama front. I had no interest in anything, including ones that I have been watching. But this gem took me by surprised! I was THRILLED to see KNG in a comedic role again! I love this drama! I’m loving it so much, I hate waiting week to week! Love where the story is going, back and forth! Welcome back, KNG!!

  • Stuart says:

    I agree that he’s perfectly entitled to like money and make some by means of his skills. But as it happens, I’m pretty sure he was saving that wealth for some “higher” purpose – he hinted as much when mourning its loss

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