“Strongest Deliveryman” Episode 7 Preview + Week Three Quick Thoughts

Jin Kyu is being given a sympathetic edit, like they want us to feel for him but I don’t. We spent an entire episode chasing after him because he was resisting arrest. You can say it’s because he wanted to give Dan Ah what he promised but I bet he still wouldn’t have turned himself in even if his accounts hadn’t been frozen. I’d probably care more if he didn’t do the crime but he did and all of this is as a result of him not wanting to do the time. And that includes being roped in by Ji Yoon’s mother. It’s not like he isn’t getting anything in return.

That aside, it’s good to see him take the job seriously and still adamant about fulfilling the promise he made to Dan Ah.

Kang Soo has a messiah complex. I like that they revealed that part of the reason he was so gung-ho about catching Jin Kyu is guilt. I just wish he didn’t constantly drag everyone else into helping him save the world. And now he’s taking the fall for the other guy attacking Jin Kyu. Why would anyone want to marry this dude? He’s the kind of guy who’d give the rent money to a homeless guy on the street. Sure, that’s wonderful on a macro level but it also means that you and your kid might end up homeless yourselves. Like dude, yes, care about everyone but it’s okay to prioritize yourself sometimes because not doing that is an added burden on those who love you. You don’t look out for yourself so they always have to look out for you.

There’s not much to say about Dan Ah this week as she was mainly there to react to the other characters. Ji Yoon spent most of her scenes maltreating Jin Kyu in an effort to end their forced romance. I wonder when her attitude will change.

It must suck for Jin Kyu that he’s constantly being treated like a criminal but it’s also true that from their perspective, he got away pretty unscathed. It also doesn’t help that he reemerged as the big bad ruining his victim’s family’s business. Perhaps if he’d shown some remorse to the family for his selfish act unintentionally worsening that kid’s condition, they’d treat him a little differently.

Is romance in the air for Kang Soo and Dan Ah? Will Kang Soo be released when the real culprit reveals himself? We’ll see.

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  • Teleri says:

    I’ve ranted about this elsewhere – but here goes. The problem lies with the writers not having a clue yet what they want to do with Jin Kyu. First he’s the typical sneering rich brat, then he’s an abused one, then he’s full of angst (suicide), then he’s NOT snobby (great towards his hired help ie mechanics, & willing to actually become a delivery guy), then he’s treated like he actually ran the boy over purposely….
    It’s tiresome. I totally agree about Kang Soo BTW – & his fervor to catch Jin Kyu definitely fits in with his character – but it really spoils the budding bromance, and is just a tad misguided, since his reading of the situation is off. Plus, Dan Ah KNOWS what went on, yet meekly, mildly goes along w/Kang Soo’s black/white take on it???? That’s out of character – she’s had a temper & opinion from the start – where’d that go?
    Plus, this nonsense about ‘won’t accept the money’. WTF is that? Him agreeing to pay that boy’s medical bills is a HUGE thing, in real life. It is what one calls a ‘settlement’ – it is what lawsuits are brought to court over. And Kang Soo is NOT the family. Maybe Grandma would have refused the cash – she’s a feisty lady & has a successful business. But SHE’S the one who needed to do it!
    As for Dan Ah – oh, good grief, he signed her into that VIP suite, he’s responsible for paying for it. VERY simple. Her refusing money for saving him, ok maybe (plus the writers have to do that otherwise she’d leave & oops, no drama). But he OWES her the cost of the hospital bill. She wouldn’t refuse it. That’s not logical.
    So I have a total problem with these writers. I’ve put this on hold, because I’m sure they’ll bring it back around to redeem our poor little rich guy. And he’s still got lessons to learn (he is the MOST clueless thing, OMG) obviously.
    But him talking delightedly about his racing, the one thing he excels at and is proud of, to his new buddy Kang Soo, as that boy sat w/stony face – my heart basically broke 🙁 Especially when, after the bomb dropped, Jin Gyu’s face just collapses 🙁 This is not a black & white, good/bad situation at ALL. Lots & lots of shades here.

  • jenny13 says:

    LOL your description of Kang Soo sounds like So-ah’s father in Bride of the Water god which yep made for a miserable family life apparently.

    Anyway this is the only drama I’m live-watching right now and I’m actually really liking it but we’ll see how everything turns out in the end.

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