English-Subbed “School 2017” Episode 13 Preview

We got great development last week. Dae Hwi and Tae Woon have resolved their issues and are back to being friends. Hee Chan was temporarily defeated and without Dae Hwi’s helped, slipped to 5th place. And snapped when his crazy mom started cursing him out. I wonder what that will lead to. Eun Ho confessed her feelings to Tae Woon and they are now a couple. Will we get a kiss this week?

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It looks like Bo Ra and her bully may call a truce. There’s this storyline of the bully become a cop but I wish she could receive the appropriate punishment for the hell she and her gang put my girl through.

How sad that Eun Ho hid this huge part of her life from her bestie but at least, she’s finally going to be let in. But will she tell her about X?

Credit: Uploader, KBS

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