“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 7 Preview

Grandpa told the hospital director all about Heo Im, right? And if I’m getting in correctly, while Jae Ha isn’t fond of the potential love rival, Heo Im, he’s a big fan or possibly even a disciple of Joseon Heo Im. I like how he combines modern technology with old world techniques to care for his patients.

As expected, instead of Yeon Kyung to see a shrink as herself to get to the bottom of her panic attacks, she’s pushing Heo Im away. Dear, I don’t think this will stop it from happening the next time you see an accident victim.

So it appears that losing their mothers inspired them both to become doctors. Now we just need to know what their special connection is. This isn’t Game of Thrones so they probably aren’t related, right?

Anyway, it looks like the newly minted Heo Bong Tak is about to take Seoul by storm :D. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

Credit: tvN

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