English-Subbed “School 2017” Episode 15 Preview

The thing about this show is that the principal and his vice are extremely terrible people but it’s hard to be mad at them because it’s impossible to take them seriously. They are like clueless, over-the-top caricature villains that despite them doing shitty things like serving rotten food or unjustly firing an employee, their presence doesn’t bother me, I suppose it’s difficult to care much about bumbling idiots. I mean, how can a grown man spend all season looking for ‘X’ when someone like Hee Chan reviewed his evidence and figured it out almost immediately?

Tae Woon’s father, on the other hand, is the typical villain so I can’t stand him and can’t wait till his plan to expel Eun Ho backfires. I don’t know what will happen but I know his son will not go down without a fight.

Yeah, so Hee Chan is back. The series shouldn’t end without him getting his just desserts so I truly hope he is punished in some capacity.

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