“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 9 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 4

This show continues to make me happy. I love the characters, the comedy, the celebration of acupuncture and also the life lessons.

I laughed when Heo Jun asked Heo Im what it was like going to a place with no class distinctions because 2017 still has those issues. And I’m not even saying that it’s just taken different forms such as homophobia, racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc, but even on this show, we still have VIP wards where rich clients treat their doctors like servants so while it may have improved since 1592, it hasn’t disappeared.

Yeon Kyung has been struggling with figuring out who Heo Im really is and though heart wrenching, it was a good dose of reality for her. That’s the life he’s lead and it can explain why a doctor in that era might be more hesitant to jump in and save every patient. I already knew Heo Im was going to be redeemed but I have to admit that I didn’t expect them to explain that he didn’t help Doo Chil’s mother because he knew it was futile. And Doo Chil, damn, I guess you really were just taking out your frustrations on the doctor.

I have to say I kept wondering why he and his brother got that much screen time and we unfortunately learned why in Episode 8. I kept expecting someone to step in and stop his brother’s murder but it did not happen. This drama has been pretty lighthearted and I wasn’t ready for it. And that one act has changed the show’s tone. I still love it and can’t wait to see what’s planned for next week. I’ll be interesting to see what a depressed, brooding Heo Im looks like.

I really love how everything came together this week. We got a better idea of Yeon Kyung and Heo Im’s connection as we saw that she was also visited by Heo Jun when he was pulled into the future. Why does this happen to doctors? And I hope our Heo Im has a different fate and doesn’t eventually need to return to the past. Yeah, I want both characters to live in the future and don’t want any bullcrap with Yeon Kyung ending up with his doppelganger or something irritating like that. And yes, I know the past needs Heo Im and the future can probably do fine without Yeon Kyung but I don’t want them both in the past permanently nor do I want them to split up so yes, I’m selfish but whatever.

What I’ll say is so far, we don’t have any time travel shenanigans because Heo Im’s trips haven’t changed the future yet so I guess we’ll see if there are any paradoxes, butterfly effects and whatnot.

Is it just me or should there have been a bigger reaction from Yeon Kyung upon seeing her friend’s doppelganger in Joseon? I think it’s the first time she’s seen his face, right?

Anyway, it looks like Jae Ha’s grandpa is up to no good. He used Heo Jun to build up his hospital when he visited and now plans to use Heo Im in some nefarious way. My thing is, given that he’s already dealt with a time traveling doctor, I would have expected him to tell Heo Im to educate himself on modern drugs and how they affect his method of treatment.

Next week is full of angst but I’m ready to see what near-death situation sends them back to the future.

Credit: tvN

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