English-Subbed Trailer For Upcoming SBS Drama “Temperature of Love”

It’s not the best year for dramas but I don’t think it’s the worst, either. We’re quickly approaching the final quarter of the year and I wonder how the last slew will sway my opinion.

Next up is Temperature of Love. Here’s its synopsis from AsianWiki:

Hyun-Soo (Seo Hyun-Jin) is an aspiring drama series writer. She uses “Jane” as her username and begins chatting with username “Chakhan Seupeu” (‘Good Soup’) online. “Chakhan Seupeu” is actually Jung-Sun (Yang Se-Jong). He dreams of becoming a French food chef. They meet in real life.

This is one of the few times I do not recognize the male lead of a drama. A second lead? Sure. A lead from a daily drama? Maybe. But one from the trendy miniseries? It’s rare and feels quite strange, to be honest.

I looked him up and this will be this fourth drama, having debuted in 2016 on Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. I guess some people have all the luck as his co-star, Kim Jae Wook, can’t seem to break out of playing supporting roles. He’ll be playing businessman Park Jung Woo, who falls for Hyun Soo.

Here’s an unsubbed teaser:

Seo Hyun Jin returns to the small screen after hits like Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and Another Miss Oh. I’m sure she’ll be as adorable as she always is in this one. Jo Bo Ah rounds out the leads as Ji Hong Ah, Hyun Soo’s rich friend who’s also an aspiring writer.

The teasers promise us a sweet romance and the typical love triangle. I’ll reserve my judgement till I watch the pilot which airs on September 18th on SBS.

Credit: DramaFever, SBS


  • lili says:

    Have you watched “Duel”? Yang Se Jong is amazing in it! Consider watching it if you haven’t yet, you won’t regret it and you will understand why he deserves to be the male lead…I, of course feel bad for Kim Jae Wook for landing only secondary roles (it is by choice or people not recognizing his talent? I wonder) but after witnessing Yang Se Jong’s remarkable performance in Duel, I have no doubt he will deliver and steal many hearts *hehe* .. I’m more worried about the writing to be honest…High Society and Doctors were not exactly what I would call masterpiece and most of the time were saved by some of its actors. Ha Myung Hee (the writer) tends to create awesome second leads but terribly bland male leads (Park Hyung Sik’s character in High Society is one great example)…Kim Jae Wook might be the lucky one in the end.

  • Teleri says:

    Oh, fantastic!!!!! He’s got the lead!!! Yang Se Jong was indeed wonderful in Duel 😀 I’ve seen him in several dramas.

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