The King Loves episode 33,34 preview: Rip bromance of the year?

Based on the preview we are made to believe that a schism between Won and Rin develops as was hoped for by Song In, all because Rin has openly chosen to pursue San. From here, things apparently enter a downward spiral as Won locks San up in his palace, because she is under Won’s “protection,”and Rin requests that Won lets her go. Ultimately Rin betrays Won by going up against him as a rival and playing right into Song In’s hands, things are sure going smoothly for the bad guys. I will take all this at face value because a kdrama preview has never misled me in my life.


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One of the things I love about this drama is the exquisite complexity of relationships and plot development that provides us with good pacing and potent material to emotionally invest in. It is written in such a way that I have come to care for Won, Rin, and San, therefore it may not be too odd if I say it is hard to believe that Rin would betray Won. The nature of this threesome has been everyone protecting everyone else. Won forfeits his chance to marry San, because he needs to protect Rin and his family. San gives up part of her revenge on her mother’s murderers because it would hurt Rin who has been nothing but good to her. Now its time for Rin’s major act of protection. Let us not forget Rin has been nothing but loyal to Won and a little time with Song In and his herbal mistress is not going to cause a character shift, however love provides a great smoke screen though.

In this week’s episode, Won has stated something interesting that points at some potential foreshadowing, Rin is not the schemer, Won is. The following scene then shows San and Rin playing a trick on the Queen’s and Song In’s guards, although it does ultimately fail for plot advancement purposes, I bet. However, its a clear indicator that Rin is not brain dead and will not be so easily manipulated by Song In. He is clearly aware that something is amiss, simply look at his reaction towards the sickly king and his refusal to leave the king alone with Song In and crew, as well as his hesitancy to drink that mystery tea that protects people from poison (definitely not a red flag lol).

Up to that point Rin is pretty much innocent, but that kiss. Would I be protesting too much if I said Rin kissed San as an open declaration of war on Won so that the whole court gossips that Rin betrayed Won for love and it all gets back to Song In’s ears? Probably. What Rin did was definitely an open declaration of something. Maybe Rin wants Won to give up so he can have her for herself or maybe his sister told him that she sent San away, because San was a political liability and he wants to lend a hand. How about Rin finally decides to step up and let his feelings be known instead of sitting in the back lines being a supportive friend. After all why not? Won is put in danger by having a romantic relationship with San, so if  Rin can get San to fall for him maybe Won will relent and just support their relationship. Honestly his motives are intentionally unclear, but we do know that Rin wanted to run away with San to “protect” her and if they were successful, there is a good chance the two would end up married with babies like Rin isn’t smart enough to know that.

In reality it is very probable that the writers are setting things up so San makes the final decision. Both men have been open about how they feel, and no matter how much Won declares it, San is not truly his woman until she agrees to be his woman. The writers have been unforthcoming about San’s feelings, yet drop bread crumbs here and there. San, on the other hand, doesn’t help because Yoona’s chemistry with these guys are wrecking me, both ships are great. Though objectively speaking signs are pointing to San truly loving Won, and Rin has her deep appreciation and friendship. It is not a coincidence that San brings up a thread that connects her to Won, like the Queen who once mentioned the red string of fate. Also, it was San who decided to return after Won asked her to stay by his side as he made moves to help Rin. In earlier episodes San’s maid was aware that San had someone in her heart when San was almost forced to get married, and this week Rin was able to pick up on the fact that she was thinking of Won. One question is whether this kiss was a game changer? What could it mean when she resisted then dropped her hands? Maybe things would have been clearer if she embraced him back, but regardless I don’t want to see San trashed for her response to that kiss. Theoretically speaking, if she loved Won, and was leaving to protect him, because their relationship is supposedly toxic, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see if Rin can cut off that “thread” or affection that links her to Won. Alternatively, maybe she discovered something for Rin she failed to realize before, no one will know until the end like the writers want because they are trolls and suspense draws in viewers.  All I am certain about is that I am looking forward to next week, because the way things are going, she could decide she loves them both and instead of ruin a friendship she leaves. In the mean time feel free to replay that kiss scene and comment with a prediction of the ending (I hope Rin doesn’t die, and there are no open endings -_-), as well as your feelings about the show in general.


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  • Fadette says:

    Hi, thanks for your article who is very finest !
    My comment :
    Even if San remains with the crown prince, she can only be his concubine since the prince marries Dan, the sister of Rin.
    The authors of the script reserve a very stupid end because personally I prefer to stay with Rin than to be a concubine among other concubines.
    The love of the crown prince is suspicious because let us not forget San is a rich heiress, the fortune of his father has been an issue since the beginning of the series.
    Another thing: the true story was fictionalized because I consulted many documents, he married Princess Botapsillin and had three Korean concubines…
    Anywat, The King loves is very good drama !

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