“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 10 Preview

Oh my gosh! Dr. Heo went very dark in Episode 9, goodness gracious. It made perfect sense given his recent experience but it’s a 180 degree personality change for our easily excitable doctor. I really loved the little glimpse we got of his old personality when he was playing in his new car.

And his scenes with Yeon Kyung were excellent. He’s very vulnerable and can’t deal with the fact that her change in attitude towards him is driven by witnessing him at what he considers his lowest point. But it wasn’t a low point, Dr. Heo. If anything, you exhibited strength and compassion that night and have nothing to be ashamed of. But I understand how helpless you felt and how unfair the entire situation was so I get it. In real life, you’d need more time to deal with it and frankly speaking, should be left alone for a bit but since it’s a drama, I’m impatiently waiting for you to snap out of it. Halmoni misses and needs you.

And it seems like we don’t have to wait long for him to stop pretending not to feel. But argh, his harsh words have dragged Yeon Kyung into a funk. Can her grandfather tell her what the deal is already? She’s certainly old enough to handle the truth.

It looks like Heo Im is learning that treating those rich assholes isn’t the answer either so I can’t wait for him to finally realize what his true calling is. And what keeps him happy and fulfilled.

Credit: tvN

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