English-Subbed “Age of Youth 2” Episode 7 Preview + Quick Thoughts

I’ve seen the first 5 episodes and goodness gracious, Ji Won, get it together! It’s not even like she’s playing games or in denial – she just doesn’t get it. She’s not quite seeing Sung Min the way he wants her to and I’m hoping that this new girl will be that trigger…, that alarm that awakens her from this annoying slumber. Girl, that’s the man for you! You both can experience many firsts together. Wake up, already! In non-romance news, I hope she’s able to retrieve her suppressed childhood memory.

Then there’s Eun Jae and her boyfriend. Jeez. I have the opposite feeling of not giving a crap about their relationship. I find her so damn annoying and hope they reduce her screen time. Break up, make up, whatever… I couldn’t care less.

Yoon Sunbae… hmm. She seems happy enough in her long distance relationship so I see no reason for them to break up. I hope they don’t make her chef a cheater to end things. Maybe she can just stay friends with the failing idol? I’m pretty neutral here and am enjoying the storyline either way. His excitement at finally having a fan is cute and I love how ignorant she is about idol culture.

Poor Ye Eun. I just want her to heal and overcome her PTSD.

Finally, my other OTP, Jo Eun and Jang Hoon. While it’s true that seeing him nude made her throw up, she does have a leg up on most people and has gotten a good preview of the goods. That has to count for something, right? Anyway, I think they are cute and am looking forward to seeing their story unfold.

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Why in the world is the psycho back? WHY!?!?

In happier news, it looks like my two OTPs are progressing nicely. Yes!

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  • Alexandra says:

    I feel like Ji-won’s inability to look at Sung-min (or any other men) romantically is rooted at her past with Hyo-jin. Like all she talks about is having sex and sex, always skipping the part where she gets to know a guy, date, and maybe fall in love. Whatever happened back then somehow made Ji-won emotionally stagnant.

    Kind of agree with Eun-jae and her Sunbae, they are indeed annoying in the recent episodes. Also, her change in personality (which in paper is understandable since about a year has passed and her emotional baggage has been solved) remains a bit of a stretch for me since Eun-jae’s face changed too. It’s like I’m getting to know a new character. Still, I’m excited to see how they’re going to resolve their issues and misunderstanding. It’s like one of those getting-back-together/divorced couples dramas where the couple realizes what went wrong, their shortcomings, and how they could be better for their partner (I think this is what the writer intends to do with their arc).

    Heimdal and Jin-myung are cute, but more like a noona-dongsaeng kind of cute. They don’t really exude that romantic chemistry I see in the other couples, and I also wish the show don’t go that route for these two. I will always be on Chef Jae-hwan’s team as he was there when things were hell for her and supported her emotionally. I believe Jin-myung will provide Heimdal that support and guidance that she wasn’t able to give to her dead younger brother, while Heimdal would teach her to be less reserved.

    Lastly, Eun and Jang-hoon! I can’t blame Eun for harboring a crush on Jang-hoon. He is truly admirable in that he’s not afraid to express his interest with Eun when most men wouldn’t since she does not exactly fit the society’s idealized picture of a ‘girl’. Even though he’s not as tall as most men are ‘expected’ to be, he’s truly deserving of being called a ‘true man’ because of his confidence and sensitivity (i.e. when he realizes Eun’s lack of confidence through her speech of how cute Ye-ji is, and then telling her matter-of-factly that she is cute too.

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