“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 11 Preview + Quick Thoughts

This preview came out so late that I already forgot all I was going to stay about last week’s episodes.

This drama started off light and comedic so I have to admit that I didn’t expect two somewhat significant deaths halfway through it. Why do this to us, Writer? Especially Oh Ha Ra, to whom Yeon Kyung had promised to save and had told us all the things she planned to do when she got older? Why kill her off like that? 😥

Yeon Kyung tried hard and failed to cheer Heo Im up last week and instead, got hit with some harsh words from him. One thing I like about them is they speak their minds. She recognized that his vulnerability was behind him pushing her away and she told him. And never stopped supporting him. And he was mature enough to apologize to her for hitting below the belt when he questioned her abilities. And was later grateful for her support.

But Oh Ha Ra died and now she questions herself. She also retrieved a suppressed childhood memory and is so down in the dumps she’s willing to get hit by a truck of doom. Luckily for her, Heo Im followed her and became her shield. I wondered if he needed his needles to teleport back to Joseon and the preview has the answer.

They go back! And work together! And have fun eating potatoes with some kids? Then get attacked? And potentially separated??? And in other news, Jae Ha knows their secret! I can’t wait!

Credit: tvN

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