“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 13 Preview

Episode 12 had tons of cute romance till they hit us – and Yeon Kyung – with the reminder that Heo Im has to return to Joseon. Dammit! He’s an important figure in history and in addition to the numerous people he’s destined to save while alive, he needs to write the book that influences acupuncturists for generations to come.

But I want a happy ending! And I don’t want Yeon Kyung to give up all the benefits of modern life for her happiness! And last week’s episode ended like she was going to push him away. Is that what she does?

Here’s the preview:

Color me surprised but the romance continues. Is this a good thing? Or should I be worried that the writer is buttering us up before hitting us with more pain, angst and reality?

Credit: tvN

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