“Age of Youth 2” Episode 12 Preview

This is going to sound terrible so please forgive me?

We can tell from the preview that Ji Won is going through some personal crisis. But all I can think is that while Ye Eun and Jo Eun’s romantic lives are blossoming, Ji Won’s is still in limbo. Writer, enough is enough! It’s been 2 seasons already. I know that it’s wrong that I’m thinking more about romance than this poor girl’s emotional state but I can’t help it. Perhaps it’s because I know that all will be well at the end so there’s no need to worry.

Credit: JTBC


  • Asdk says:

    Ditto, yo. If sung min isn’t driving to jiwon, then I’m flying to writer nim in Korea and have some words with her!

  • Gio says:

    I AM ALL FOR Ye eun’s boyfriend dressing casual! I always thought he looked kinda cute and it’s good to see it since he’s not wearing the overdone nerdy attire.
    Also, just when will we get the ever so waited Sung Min and Ji Won love plot? I just hope he’s driving to her in that scene…

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