“Live Up to Your Name” Episode 15 Stills + Preview

Should I be pissed that they’ve convinced me that it’s okay for the OTP to not end this drama together? His heart aches to help the people in Joseon and not Seoul 2017. Yeon Kyung can’t leave her grandfather and Heo Im wouldn’t let her live in his time even if she wanted to. And I wouldn’t want that for her.

We’ve arrived at an impasse and I can’t think of a solution that makes everyone happy. Will their love become cherished memories they hold securely in their hearts as they move on to other loves and lead separate lives?

Mommy, why did I watch a drama about an impossible love? WHY?!?!?! Writer, make the impossible possible, dammit!

Before we all drown ourselves in tears, we can enjoy their Namsan Tower date. I guess he returns after saving the little girl and takes her out. Will this be their last date? Mommy, hold me!!!!!

Credit: tvN

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