It’s Kisses & Tears in the English-Subbed “Age of Youth 2” Episode 13 Preview

We’re approaching the final week of this drama and I have to say it’s been such a fun sequel. The first season’s ratings weren’t great – with some episodes at less than 1% –  but I’m glad the network took the positive reviews and online buzz into consideration and gave us another season because it’s paid off with the most recent episode hitting 4%!

We watch Korean dramas because they have a lot of heart and this one is particularly heartwarming because not only do we get the romance that we expect, but we also get to enjoy the wonderful friendships these ladies share. I love bromances but there’s nothing I appreciate more than seeing women love and support each other in fiction.

Jo Eun and Jang Hoon for the win! Chef returns (finally!)!!!  Poor Sung Min’s life has been hell since he met Ji Won :D. And Ji Won takes a brave step. It’s going to be a wonderful episode.

Credit: JTBC

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