“Age of Youth 2” Episode 14 (Finale) Preview

Goodness gracious! I am tired. How effing hard is it to write Sung Min and Ji Won together? It’s been TWO WHOLE SEASONS! What da hell? Even if it happens in the finale, they freaking strung us along and trolled us the whole time. Yeah, I am mad. What in the world? I am happy seeing my Jo Eun and Jang Hoon couple but I will  eternally be mad about the snail pace used for Sung Min and Ji Won even if they show them married with kids in the finale. You know what? I don’t even care anymore. Bye!

Rant over.

😥 😥 Why is fangirling so painful? WHY!!?!?! 😥 😥

My babies kiss! And Jo Eun’s first relationship will be long distance. Stay strong, sister! Ye Eun meets the family and Ji Won does what’s needed.

Credit: JTBC

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  • SZJung says:

    I’m just going to go ahead and call a Season 3. There is no way they give us that kind of epilogue in ep. 13 and not have a 3rd season.

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