“While You Were Sleeping” Week 2 Quick Thoughts: Two Becomes Three

Guys, this drama continues to entertain! And as an added bonus, the OTP is getting cuter. I’m starting to like them.

Last week revealed that Jae Chan also has premonitory dreams and that his brother’s life was in danger. Both he and Hong Joo had dreams about the incident and were going to do whatever it took to stop his brother from committing murder.

This week, as they match their dreams and try to find Seung Won and stop it, another dreamer is revealed – the cop Jae Chan saved. What!?!?! His name is Han Woo Tak and it looks like this cutie is here to stay. He too dreamed about the incident and when he sees Jae Chan running in the same clothes as his dreams, he thinks there could be something to it.

We cut to So Yoon’s father with his wife, reneging on his agreement to divorce and provide child support and thankfully, his abuse gets interrupted by Hong Joo pulling the fire alarm in his posh building. A major crisis is averted and the dream doesn’t come true because they prevent Seung Won and So Yoon from walking into the apartment and witnessing the abuse which would have led to Seung Won unintentionally pushing the bastard off the balcony.

This week’s episodes delve further into the case and pull Woo Tak into the group. So Yoon and her mother find a safe haven with Hong Joo and her mother who generously open up their home to them. So Yoon plays up being a brat as a way to keep them from inconveniencing themselves by giving up their beds for her family and insists on doing chores around the house. I’m sad that we don’t get to keep her.

Woo Tak has another dream and this time, decides to follow it closely while making a change – swapping his colleague for Jae Chan. This leads to him converting a scene that would have ended with Hong Joo’s  hand getting stabbed to one where Jae Chan protects So Yoon’s family and promises to get them justice.

Long story short, he confesses his premonitions to Jae Chan who then tells him that he’s not alone and we now have our Three Musketeers, or like I call them “The Dream Team.” Yeah, it’s cheesy and lacks imagination but it’s so darn appropriate.

As they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved and now, all three can discuss their dreams and compare notes and that’s how So Yoon’s tragic case ends happily. Woo Tak and Hong Joo have dreams of Jae Chan’s interrogation of So Yoon’s father with opposing outcomes. Trusting each other’s dreams and choosing the one with a positive outcome leads to Jae Chan getting a confession, thus protecting So Yoon and her mother and providing me with my favorite scene this week.

(As an aside, I wish Jae Chan had bought that lottery ticket before Hong Joo discouraged him against it. I got real life pissed that he missed out on a fictional jackpot.)

Yeah, in case you missed it, I super ship these two kids. Oddly enough, I didn’t ship them in their previous drama but now I’m like, “My Page Turner couple!! 😍” It’s a cameo so our girl is sent abroad but I hope we see her in the finale as she and Seung Won are now in a long distance relationship.

In addition to the major case, we get flashbacks of Jae Chan and his father that show us how close they were. We also learn that he was the cop killed by the soldier who killed Hong Joo’s dad. Is that how they are connected? And that he became a prosecutor as it was the last promise he made to him. Did they tell us what happened to his mom?

Jae Chan is also having romantic dreams but he’s not quite ready to go there with Hong Joo so he changes things up and doesn’t kiss her like he did in the dream.

I loved this week’s episodes as we got a new “flying dragon” and I think it’s solidified their little group. I just hope that’s all there is because we’re screwed if Yoo Bum starts having dreams too. I mention Yoo Bum because the future that Jae Chan changed could be the deciding factor as all four were present at that scene.

Why these three? They were all born in 1988 (which I hope keeps Yoo Bum out) but that’s not it. Is it the soldier? Did he also kill Woo Tak’s parent?

Both Woo Tak and Hong Joo died in Jae Chan’s dream. But so did Hong Joo’s mother so it might not be about being saved.

While Seung Won was arrested and Jae Chan upset, the only person to die in Woo Tak’s dream was So Yoon’s father. And he didn’t do anything to change it, anyway. So it’s probably not about changing your first dream.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the writer comes up with. Right now, I’m leaning towards a revelation that connects him with that tragic day the other two dragons’ fathers were killed.

Maybe we’ll find out next week.

Till then!


  • Riiko says:

    I really appreciate this drama for the moment, I hope it’ll continue to be this cute, light-hearted and with a little bit of “thriller” in it.
    Well, reading you, I had a thought: the three are connected by that horrible day -I’m pretty sure about it- and we know that two of them lost a loved one so… it must be a loved one too for Woo Tak and the other person we already know died that day is… the soldier !
    So, perhaps was it his brother ? And so it would be problematic later when that’ll be found about. The reason this soldier was like that surely has something to do with the future of their story.
    But that doesn’t answer one of my other questions: how come Hong Joo had these dreams years ago (before the accident) whereas the two guys only began after interaging with her ?
    Well, we’ll have to continue to watch the show to know :-p

  • ishy says:

    I’m kinda wondering if the soldier was related to Yoo Bum. Most of these dreams seem to stem from things Yoo Bum caused by his lack of morals. He was driving in the first original dream. He convinced So Yoon’s father he wouldn’t ever be indicted, which led to the second dream. And going to see So Yoon and her mom incited the third dream.

    That would mean we probably haven’t seen how Woo Tak’s family member was involved with the soldier, but I do think the soldier and Yoo Bum are the central connecting factors.

  • Sarang says:

    I have a feeling that the soldier is Woo Tak’s older brother….

  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    The soldier being Woo Tak’s brother would be so painful to the team. Damn. I would both like and hate it.

  • Stephanie says:

    Love your review and opinion on these episodes! I agree with you…I love the “flying dragons” trio and hope there aren’t anymore. I think those three are the perfect group. There are sooo many questions I have with Woo-Tak’s background and life, and I hope we get to find out more info on him soon! I think this drama is going to end up being one of my favorites of the year 🙂


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