“Because This is My First Life” Episode 2 Preview

Did anyone watch the pilot? What’s the verdict?

Credit: tvN


  • iolab says:

    I’m loving it. A home owner and a tenant entering into a contract without having met in person. I’m so excited for her to find out that he’s a man and that she’s met him before and even kissed him. I love LMK’s intriguing character, nonchalant and blunt.

    It’s a solid pilot episode for me. Hope the fun continues till end.

  • LOVED IT! Smart, funny writing, Jeong So Min being gorgeous and BOTH LEADS ARE ARSENAL FANS – what’s not to love? 🙂

  • Liz_Smiles says:

    Totally loving it!! She is the cutest. Hopefully this will bring me out of my drama slump.

  • Chiclibrarian says:

    This is definitely my favorite out of the nine dramas that premiered this week. I’m a big Lee Min-ki fan and he does not disappoint. And Jeong So Min is his perfect match. Love their chemistry. The writing is great as well. The production and soundtrack are on point too. Loving it!

  • Wewantmoree says:

    Unbelievably awesome script writing, and such an amazing cast… Relatable, funny, and soo heart warming!

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