Episode 1 Preview for tvN’s “Revolutionary Love”

We have the chaebol playboy son forced to work, the hardworking but struggling woman doing a million odd jobs to survive and the chaebol son’s long suffering assistant. We know how things will shake out eventually but that won’t stop us from enjoying the ride.

Revolutionary Love premieres on tvN on October 14th.

Credit: tvN


  • Marie says:

    I love Siwon and Kang So Ra, so I will watch. Hopefully it is good. I also hope they don’t turn Gong Myung into a typical second lead here. It would be nice if he had his own loveline or not loveline at all, I don’t want him to suffer.

    • juliesean says:

      I actually think Gong Myung might turn into a antagonist because of his long-suffering babysitting of Siwon. Probably his love for Kang So Ra will make it on the path of a typical second male lead….I thought dreamland realises that audience like 2 separate love lines instead of the usual love triangle or love square.

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