Kim Rae Won For October 2017 Vogue

Kim Rae Won took a series of photos for Vogue and let’s just say they’re strange. But it’s Vogue so…(LOL) at least he’s smiling! He talked about his acting career and named the 2000 movie “Castaway” (with Tom Hanks) as his favorite movie. He also added that he’s taken to Netflix a lot lately. Netflix and chill, anyone? Check it out!

Source  |  Vogue


  • bmore says:

    good grief. I’m in overload. Gong Yoo, Lee Seo Jin, and Kim Rae Won…all in a row. 3 of my top guys all at once! wow!

  • fangirl98 says:

    KRW is one of my all time faves…can’t say the same for these pix. I wish they were either more ‘artistic’ and avant garde…..or more mainstream and cute boy next door. This hodge-podge combo isn’t working for me.

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